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Why is Keeping the Computer's Registry Clean so Important?

Why is Keeping the Computer's Registry Clean so Important?

Author: Tony Hilton
Have you ever used a computer that kept freezing up and giving system errors no matter what you did? You tried running anti-virus scans, anti-spyware scans, and everything else you can think of and the problems still won't go away? If so then you probably have a bad registry on the computer. The registry is part of the Windows operating system's kernal that keeps the computer's and program's settings and preferences in a large database. When the registry becomes damaged or corrupt for some reason, the computer will start locking up and giving system errors. Fortunately for us, registry repair tools are available to correct these errors.

A healthy computer will have a healthy registry because it is part of the heart of the software side of the computer. A person could potentially go into the registry manually and try to find and fix the errors one at a time, but this takes forever and he or she could make the problem even worse. Because most of us do not have the time nor the technical skill to fix the registry manually, registry repair tools are used instead. These tools look at the registry to find and attempt to fix errors as well as delete unneeded files that are clogging up the registry.

As a person installs and even deletes more programs onto his or her computer, the registry rapidlly gets cluttered up and the chance for errors increases. Eventually it may get to the point where a person has hundreds of programs on his or her computer and the registry is just too damaged to run properly. At this point downloading and using registry repair tools may be a necessity to keeping the computer running properly. There are free tools available, but they tend to be bad at finding and fixing registry errors. Instead a person should shell out a little cash to getting a decent registry fixer if he or she is serious about keeping his or her computer running.

Having a healthy registry is vital to keeping your computer running smoothly and properly. Installing and uninstalling programs and even changing computer settings all change the registry in some way. As these changes grow numerous, the registry may eventually become overburdened and become corrupt. When this happens, a person should find and use registry repair tools to fix the corrupt registry. Without these tools, computers would eventually become too slow to be used and re-installation of operating systems, therefore losing information that was not backed up, would become mandatory.

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