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How do I Convert AVI to DVD?

How do I Convert AVI to DVD?

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To convert the AVI file to the DVD is quite an easy job these days. You can easily do it by downloading the required software. In the market there are various softwares that are available free of cost. With these softwares you can convert the AVI format to DVD with just a click of the button.

Softwares like ConvertXtoDVD will convert the AVI file to DVD compatible format. Some of the free versions of these softwares have the logo that is transparent and will not be a hindrance in viewing. You can get rid of these watermarks by buying these softwares. These softwares would convert the files such as MPEG, VOB or AVI into the DVD format required by you.

Some of the softwares although rarely require the external codecs to be installed for converting the particular kind of file into the DVD. However, almost all the softwares will have the codecs that are required for the conversion of the AVI format to the DVD format. These softwares will work very well for the various video types such as PAL and NTSC. These also support the audio formats such as MP3, DTS etc for conversion to the DVD format.

The above-mentioned software also has the capability of handling the subtitles while converting from the original AVI format. Other options that are included in these softwares are about setting the picture output to various formats like widescreen or full screen. The file that you have got after conversion can be written on the DVD disc or can be stored on the hard drive for viewing at a later date.

Normally a file of 60 minutes will be converted in around one hour time and you can get more advanced features like addition of menu on the DVD for chapters etc if you buy the full version of these softwares. Before converting or installing this software make sure that video software is compatible with the operating system on your computer.

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