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Where can I Download Free Anti-Virus Software?

Where can I Download Free Anti-Virus Software?

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Antivirus have become a very integral part of our computer systems these days. With the more and more emphasis on privacy protection along with the sharing of sensitive data over the internet has resulted in software’s known as Antivirus that thwarts various virus attacks on your systems to either steal or stall the working. We will mention a few of them.

AVG antivirus is very credible antivirus software that has captured quite a chunk of the market. It can be downloaded free of cost for the users at home and would be supported for the life of software. The virus database updates are issued regularly and quickly by the AVG team that increases the security. This Antivirus uses the minimum possible resources and has got the automatic update facility. AVG resident shield, E-mail Scanner and Vault safe are its other prominent features.

Clam Antivirus is the anti virus toolkit for the UNIX operating system. Its major job is the integration with the email servers and is used mainly for the attachment scanning. Multi threaded daemon, command line scanner, large database for detecting viruses (more than 40000), support in built for ZIP, TAR, RAR, *ZIP files are some of the prominent features of Clam Antivirus.

ClamWin is free antivirus software for windows operating systems that have found acceptance in the market. It has got the scheduler, large database to detect viruses, Standalone Virus scanner and integration into the windows explorer. It is free of cost and above all open source.

In the field of windows antivirus, avast! Home edition is a very good addition. It is available free of cost and supports most of the windows operating systems. It has got features such as antivirus kernels, regular automatic updates, Web and network shield, resident protection. In addition to this avast also supports the 64-bit windows operating system.

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