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How Can I Get Free VoIP?

How Can I Get Free VoIP?

Author: sturat
Before starting out remember the old adage that nothing in this world is absolutely free. This holds true for the VoIP calls. In most of the cases the VoIP calls the service provider might provide you the option of calling free in their but you will still have to pay for the broadband connection. So if you have understood these limitations then you can choose the VoIP provider of your choice.

VoIP call companies make use of this condition of the user. They will initially allow you to make calls in their networks and afterwards when you are hooked to them you will start making paid calls also by buying the talk credit. These call companies will attract the customers by providing them the various facilities like offering clear voice quality and the option for video call also. But you will discover in the end that everything is not free but you have to pay for few of the services.

Some of the players in VoIP include the names like Skype, yahoo and gtalk. Skype is the most famous of them as it offers you the dedicated service for VoIP. You can make free call to any Skype user in the whole world with paying even a single penny. But if you have to make calls to the landline phones then you will have to subscribe to them. In North America, the yearly subscription fee is around $30. Therefore, you can see that Skype is not free.

But due to the superior voice quality and the option for making free calls to the other users, the users of the Skype are increasing in leaps and bounds. Similar is the process related to the Yahoo and gtalk. Then there are services like Raketu in which you will have to pay a lump some of around $9.95 after which you can use there service of making calls to the landlines in the listed countries as well as for watching free live TV.

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